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Milk is grass

All great cheese actually begins with grass
Milk is grass

The linked steps of the cheesemaking process begin with our cows on pasture or eating the hay that we produce from our fields.  Cows are ruminants, designed with perfection to utilize a diverse selection of grasses, legumes and other forage and transform these plants into milk and meat.  Their milk is a live product directly affected by many factors.  Milk from cows grazing lush spring pastures will differ from cows grazing dry, stunted fields in late August.  As well, milk from cows in late lactation is more acidic than early lactation milk.  This is nature's way of naturally weaning calves--acidic milk is less satisfying to a calf than the "sweeter" milk that comes just after the calf is born.  This is true for all mammals, including humans.  The cows in our milk herd are all at different stages of lactation, so we are able to maintain a fairly consistent taste to our milk.


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