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Since 1986, the founding principle of our CSA has been to separate the food that nourishes our community from the economy that enables the farm to prosper, because the modern relationship that exists between food and money is damaging to plants, animals and the earth.


Following this principle has resulted in:

  • a membership community that understands the difference between buying food and sharing both the economic needs and the produce of the farm

  • farmers who can make sustainable choices that respect the integrity of the land, plants, animals and people

  • vegetables and animals grown with organic and biodynamic methods

  • the purchase and preservation of over 150 acres of historic farmland

  • the education of ourselves as farmers and as a community, including young farmers and children

  • a community of support that can maintain this work into the future

Organic Carrots

Our Farm Store: open every day 7am to 7pm


We bottle raw milk from our herd on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


We make unsweetened whole fat yogurt and various hard and soft cheeses. These items, along with beef and veal, are available to everyone in our farm store, year-round.


We also stock:

- Orchard Hill Bakery fresh bread and cookies on Tuesday and Saturday

- Plowshare Farm Granola and cookies

- Bee Fields Farm teas, tinctures, and salves.



Our Community Farm began with a series of conversations and meetings between Trauger Groh, Lincoln Geiger and Anthony Graham in 1986. Many others in the local community became actively involved as we moved towards our first season.

Trauger Groh

Lincoln Geiger

Anthony Graham

Abbot Hill Creamery 

Our cheeses and yogurt are made at the farm. All the cheese is made with the raw milk from our herd of grass-fed cows.


We produce many types of hard and soft cheese and our farm store is stocked year-round with a variety of seasonal cheeses:  Camembert, Feta, Mozzarella, Quark (a tangy, German-style cream cheese) and other European-style cheeses can be found in the store refrigerator.

Our plain, unsweetened, whole milk yogurt is available in returnable quart glass jars.

CSA Membership

Our membership consists of over 100 households that make up the Four Corners Cooperative (est. 2016).

We do not charge a fixed amount for membership and members take the produce and milk according to their needs. This distribution method reduces waste and allows members to more efficiently process vegetables (canning, pickling and freezing) to preserve them for the winter months.

The average needed for the 2024/2025 season is $185/adult/month and the pledge amount covers all the vegetables we produce (40+ varieties, including storage crops that are available throughout the  year) plus up to three gallons of milk per household per week.


Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships are offered in any of the following:

  • Vegetable Farming
    Work in the fields and the greenhouse includes all aspects of planting, weeding and harvesting over 40 different vegetables and herbs, as well as regular applications of the Biodynamic preparations.


  • Dairy / Livestock / Pasture
    Work in the dairy involves milking the cows and moving them to the pastures, as well as many other aspects of the work involved in managing a dairy herd. We also have about 200 laying chickens.


  • Cheese Making
    Abbot Hill Creamery offers a practical training in cheese making. What you learn will depend mostly on what you wish to learn and are capable of. There is also space to do your own projects, such as making or developing a new cheese.

Temple-Wilton Community Farm is registered as a 'Mentor Farm' with the Biodynamic Association's apprenticeship program.

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