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Farm Internships

The farm is located in Wilton NH and is a year-round CSA with about 130 acres of pasture, hayfields, vegetable fields, and woods. We provide about 100 households with vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, meat and fruit.

We produce about 3 acres of vegetables and we milk from twelve to sixteen cows, as well as keeping calves and replacement heifers. We also keep 200 pasture-raised layer chickens. The creamery processes cow’s milk into yogurt and cheese, ranging from soft to extra hard.

As an intern with us, you will be provided with a bedroom in an apartment with other farmworkers, access to all foods produced by the farm, and a stipend which begins with a trial month at $1,000 and after that becomes $1,500 per month.



The vegetable internship will cover the daily tasks of growing about 40 different vegetables and herbs on approximately 3 acres:

  • Greenhouse Management: seed starting and in-ground planting

  • Sowing and transplanting in the field

  • Making and application of Biodynamic preparations

  • Weeding, cultivation & pest management

  • Harvest & post-harvest handling of vegetables and herbs.

The majority of our work is done by hand. We manage the farm biodynamically with a strong emphasis on building healthy, biologically active soil.

Work schedule: The work week is generally Monday through Saturday. However, with a short season and unpredictable weather, flexibility to accommodate changes in the work schedule is required.

Duration: Mid-April through October.

Skills and Attitude: Interns must be honest, open, respectful, and be ready to work hard while maintaining a positive attitude. Applicants need to be in good physical health and able to work hard in various jobs and changing weather conditions. No electronic devices are to be used during work hours.

If you are interested in working with the vegetables, please contact Anthony Graham at with a short description of why you wish to do this and a brief resume.

Work in the dairy involves milking the cows, moving them to the pastures, as well as many other aspects of managing a dairy herd. 

You will gain experience and competence in the skills necessary to manage rotational grazing, including the use of electric fencing and how to move and handle the animals.

We milk twice daily, at 5 am and 3 pm, with all of the other animal chores taking place daily: gathering and washing eggs, feeding the various animals, and moving cows, calves, and chickens. You will generally be working six days a week, with some exceptions according to the seasonal demands.

The apprenticeship lasts from April until the end of October and some of our apprentices continue through the winter months.

If you are interested in working in the dairy please contact Silvano Biffis at or at 603-313-5281


Looking for Cheese Apprentices

Abbot Hill Creamery ( of Temple-Wilton-Community Farm is looking for a passionate individual interested in apprenticing in the creamery.

The creamery processes approximately 250 gallons of cow’s milk into yogurt and cheese every week. We currently make 10 different types of cheese, ranging from soft to extra hard.

Necessary Qualities of a Cheese Apprentice

  • Loves & eats cheese

  • Sincere interest in learning how to make and sell cheese

  • Hard working

  • Strong attention to detail 

  • Gives attention to cleanliness and takes joy in cleaning (70% of cheese making is washing!)

  • Always tries to give their best

  • Ability to work alone and take on responsibilities

*Additionally a love for animals, an interest/passion for biodynamics, and willingness to occasionally participate in the vegetables and dairy.*

What you will learn

  • Making cheese, including (but not limited to) Gouda styles, Alpine styles, Quark, Camembert, Mozzarella, and Feta styles.

  • Raw milk handling

  • Yogurt

  • Cave Management (washing, brining, flipping, and overall age management of cheese)

  • Selling cheese

This is a practical training in cheese making. What you learn will depend heavily on what you wish to learn and are capable of. There is also space to do your own projects like making/developing a new cheese. 

If you are interested in making cheese with our small and diverse creamery, please contact
Tatum Hammer at

Temple-Wilton Community Farm is registered as a 'Mentor Farm' with the Biodynamic Association's apprenticeship program.


Click Here for information on other opportunities through their program.

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