Abbot Hill Creamery

Abbot Hill Creamery is named for the hill where our farm is located.

All of our cheeses and yogurt are made at the farm by Benjamin Meier with the raw milk from our herd of grass-fed milking cows. 

Benjamin regularly produces many types of cheese, such as Camembert, Feta and Quark (a tangy, German-style cream cheese), as well as many other cheeses on a seasonal basis. Our plain, unsweetened, whole milk yogurt is available in returnable quart glass jars.

Where you can find our cheese:

Our cheese and yogurt can be purchased year round at the farm.

A few cheeses are available in Peterborough NH at Nature's Green Grocer.

We are at the Salem, NH Farmers' Market (224 N Broadway, Salem NH) from 10am-12pm.

Since the Downtown Concord Winter Farmers Market has been closed because of the Covid-19, we have been attending a couple of markets at Cole Gardens Concord.

Check on their web page (under "Farmer's Market" and "Vendors by Date") or on our Instagram abbot.hill.creamery to see if we are coming.

Our cheese can also be found in:

Warner Public Market in Warner NH

Sweet Beet Market in Bradford NH

If you need cheese and don't know how to get it, you can contact Benjamin at

Follow us on Instagram: abbot.hill.creamery


195 Isaac Frye Hwy.

Wilton, NH 03086


Tel: 603-654-6082



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