Benjamin Meier - cheese maker
Benjamin is our cheese maker and has been with the farm for a number of years.
Silvano Biffis - dairy and chickens
Silvano joined us in January 2019 after working biodynamically with animals for 35 years in a number of different situations.
Lincoln Geiger - machinery and general maintenance              email:

Our current vegetable grower is leaving at the end of the 2021 season and we are seeking an experienced biodynamic vegetable grower, beginning with the 2022 season. Our farm in the hills of Southern New Hampshire, was established in 1986 and is one of the pioneers of the CSA movement. We have nine acres of arable land, which gives us a three part rotation of three acres per year, to produce vegetables for an active community of about 100 families. We anticipate that arrangements with other farms in the region will be sought in order to augment our own produce. The vegetable grower works cooperatively with the dairy farmer, whose milking herd produces compost for fields and pastures, as well as with our cheese and yogurt maker at the Abbott Hill Creamery.


The farm is within walking distance of a Waldorf school (nursery through high school), and there are numerous other Anthroposophical institutions in the area.


We are taking the opportunity presented by the transition from our current vegetable grower, to re-envision and renew our farm to enhance our long-term sustainability. We are hoping that the changes which grow out of this new impulse will be driven by the initiative and enthusiasm of our new grower, so we are seeking a farmer who wants to work with the other farmers, the board of trustees, and the community, to seek and build a path into the future. A farmer who has worked these challenging lands for the farm for 36 years is available for advice on the fields and community.


Starting date is negotiable.


Compensation: Salary depends on experience, plus housing and food from the farm.


Please send a letter of interest and a resumé or description of your farming experience (especially your biodynamic experience) to Brian Drayton, at