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Past Activities and Events

Listed below are the activities we have sponsored or participated in:



Cheese basket at May Day festival

Chinese student tours

New Loafing Shed Roof

Farm T-Shirt

Toby – fundraising, 501c3, history of the farm, ???



Apprentice Potluck

Silvano birthday party

Jacob appreciation party

Solstice walk with Benjamin

Tree observations with Benjamin

Horn manure and prep spray with Benjamin



Spring fermenting class with Rivka

Fall (cabbage) fermentation class with Rivka

Biodynamic Planting and Stella Natura Calendar Workshop with Dane

Fundamentals of Biodynamic Gardening with Dane

Instagram account (this will also facilitate fundraising)


Help for farmers

  • Farm member survey

  • Cleaning and stocking apartment over café for summer school participants

  • Cleaning apartment over café for Silvano’s arrival

  • Cleaning apprentice house after B&S departure

  • New Member support on first two days of each season

  • First Aid kits for farm – preparation and education (we need to educate ELAD!)

  • Apprentice well-being (orientation, periodic check-ups, exit interviews)

  • Soliciting donations to farmer fund at Hilltop Café

  • Meals for the farmers and apprentices during the summer

  • Posting recipes in the farm store

  • Canning food for farmers/apprentices

  • Contributions to farm newsletter (articles and recipes)

  • Meal train for Temple Sherwood

  • Request that BOD to improve farmer compensation package

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