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Temple-Wilton Community Farm

A biodynamic farm operating as a CSA since 1986


We Have an Opening for an Experienced Biodynamic Vegetable Grower.​

We are seeking an experienced biodynamic lead vegetable grower who wishes to farm in and for community. We actively work with the ideas behind community supported agriculture (CSA) and practice biodynamic agriculture.

About the Opportunity

As a steward of the land you will not only be growing crops, but you will also be a part of the thriving community of 100 member households in a long running CSA located in Southern New Hampshire.



  • Compensation: Competitive salary, housing, and food from the farm, including vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese, bread, and meat.

  • Arrangements can be made for your children to attend High Mowing Waldorf School:

  • Your partner can explore local work options close to the farm.

Ideal Candidate

  • Passionate about Biodynamic farming and the health and well-being the of land, people and animals.

  • Experienced in growing high quality biodynamic vegetables.

  • Experienced in CSA: Understand the profound impact of community supported agriculture and all related responsibilities.

  • Community oriented: Must have a desire to engage with our farm members, apprentices, co-workers, and the larger community.

  • Has the ability to work and collaborate with our other farmers (dairy and creamery) to cover the needs of the farm and its members.

  • Personality traits: strong work ethic, open-mindedness and dedication to our long-term vision, along with a willingness to work according to the needs of the job, rather than by the clock.


  • Wilton is a small rural town on the edge of the Monadnock Region in Southern NH and the farm is located on a hill next door to High Mowing Waldorf School.

Why Choose Us?

  • Scope for innovation.

  • We don't only cultivate food; we cultivate the future of our community.


Tatum Hammer 813-600-9670.

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