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Temple-Wilton Community Farm

A biodynamic farm operating as a CSA for over 30 years

We are seeking people who wish to farm in and for community— those who wish to meet the needs of others directly and in harmony with nature. Towards this end, we actively work with the ideas behind community supported agriculture (CSA) and practice biodynamic agriculture.


Our farm has one opening available. In exchange for your support, we can offer an initial salary, housing, two weeks vacation and access to the fresh foods of the farm (vegetables, meat, milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs).

Looking for Experienced, Creative Cheesemaker

We are looking for an experienced, creative & passionate individual interested in managing and running an established community creamery.

Abbot Hill Creamery is the creamery of Temple-Wilton-Community Farm (TWCF) in Wilton, NH. Founded in 1986, TWCF is home to one of the longest continuously operational community supported agriculture farms or CSA in the United States.


Being the cheesemaker for TWCF will enable you to have a great deal of creative expression. Sure, there will be typical responsibilities (see below) that will need to be done, but after, there will be excess raw milk for you to make hard and soft cheeses of your choosing. The possibilities are endless and exciting! You will be able shine and make this position your own and in doing so, you will be supported by a community that will thrive on your contributions.

The current creamery has been evolving for 10 years and has developed relationships with farm stores, large traffic farmers’ markets, local restaurants during this time. Together with the herdsmen and the vegetable farmer the cheesemaker is an integral partner in the farm. You are expected to attend monthly Board meetings, regular farmer meetings, and to work as part of a team, in cooperation with the Board of Trustees, toward the success of the farm.

Cheese maker needs to know how to or quickly learn to:

  • Be passionate about cheesemaking, have a love for animals, an interest/respect for Biodynamic agriculture, and willingness to participate in the needs of the farm as a whole (maintenance of the farm, community engagement, etc)

  • Fill milk jars 3 days a week

  • Make yogurt and quark (a request/need of the community)

  • Process raw milk (year-round) into quality raw and pasteurized cheeses, as well as cave management

  • Market and sell cheese products made by the farm (farmers markets, other farm stores, restaurants…)

  • Work directly and respectfully with TWCF Farmers (herdsman & vegetables) and the Board as a team and express needs clearly

  • As needed hire and manage a small team including interns and assistants to properly staff the creamery

  • Ability to work alone and take on all responsibilities, take initiative, and solve challenges quickly and efficiently

  • Adhere to all applicable NH Health Department legal requirements of handling raw & pasteurized milk, as well as working directly with our state inspector


As a farmer with us, you will be provided with access to housing nearby, if needed. In addition, salary is ranging from 40k-50k annually, based on experience. Quality Biodynamic vegetables and dairy from the farm are offered as well as access to bought-in farm store products like bread, vinegar, cookies, etc. There’s easy access to the Waldorf schools and a local nature school, started by one of the original TWCF farmers. All needs can be considered, if expressed in advance. We are looking for someone who is interested in joining & continuing the thriving Biodynamic community here in Wilton, NH.

We are looking to hire immediately for summer or fall of 2023.

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