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It's easy to "get lost" on the internet.

Here are a few links to some sites (and sights) that may help you "get found!"  Enjoy!


Biodynamic Association

Yggdrasil Land Foundation 

Demeter Association

Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics


*Hilltop Cafe
(located here at the farm & using ingredients from the farm)    

Gaia Educational Outreach Institute (G.E.O), Wilton, NH

The Stockman Grass Farmer  (int'l grass farming/grazing monthly...excellent!)

Pine Hill Waldorf School (our neighboring N-8th grade school)

High Mowing School (our neighboring 9-12 grades Waldorf high school)

A Child's Nature  (our neighboring infant-nursery Waldorf child care center)

Weston A. Price Foundation

Slow Food USA

Edible Paradise

Bee Fields Farm, Wilton, NH



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