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About Us

Friends of TWC Farm is an ad-hoc group of farm members who banded together in 2018 to support the farm, and especially the active farmers, in building community and restoring the spirit of the original farm organism as it existed in the early years. 

We meet approximately once a month to hear what the farmers and apprentices would like our help with, to share our own ideas for events and projects, and to update each other on the progress we're making on active endeavors. 


We celebrate birthdays, and other special dates.  We share recipes and homemade

treats.  We have a really good time because, above all, WE DO WHAT WE LOVE!  If there is something you love to do, and would like to share it, come share it with us.


  We will never ask you do to something you don't love to do.  

Membership is open to everyone,

including those who are not yet members! 


If you'd like to join us, our next meeting is posted on the bulletin board in the farm store.  Please contact and let her know you'll be coming so there will be enough chairs. (NOTE: We are currently meeting via ZOOM!)  

Current projects are HERE.

Past events and activities we have sponsored are HERE.

Meeting minutes are HERE.

Purpose of Friends of TWC Farm:


To encourage community among the Four Corners Cooperative family.

Examples include: organizing festivals, community dinners, work projects, fundraising, meals for farmers and apprentices, recipes, classes, cooking groups, etc.

To encourage the spirit (philosophy) of the original farm organism as we move into the future. This includes but is not limited to: advocating for Biodynamic agriculture, educating farm members to support our entire farm operation (thus, separating money from the purchasing of food), and farm members gifting time, talents and treasure towards this end.

To support the active farmers and apprentices.

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